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About Us

Danger Movement is part of healthy Drum and Bass Scene in eastern Germany. The Members of Danger Movement first met during 2006 and towards the end of the year they arranged their first parties together.


The sound of Danger Movement is everything around the Universe of Drum and Bass, with a preference for the more darker, energetic Neurofunk stuff.


For this reason they started a Party-Series called „DANGER“ to support the sound, and book the artists they like. For example Concord Dawn, Mefjus, Dementia, Body&Soul and Neonlight who already played there.


In 2010 they and the local Record-Store „Fat Fenders“ started a livestream called „Djunglecamp“. Everyone who tunes in can listen and watch live to DJ-Sets from the store. Its also a pleasant meet&greet where ideas between local bassheadz are exchanged and some collaboration between different crews found there beginning.


In order to not just listen to this music but also create them, Noa and Fiasko founded „DEV:ILL“ in late 2012. With DEV:ILL they gave their own Productions and b2b-Sets a name under which they can work with.

Let the music do the talking…

Danger Movement

Drum & Bass Crew

The most dangerous Drum & Bass crew from Dresden/Germany. Members are Fiasko, Noa, Forv3rt, Anna, Black Mamba and Steelbox FX. Founded in 2006 – the enthusiasm never decreased.



The project created by Fiasko and Noa started in 2012 with the aim of producing dark and driving Drum & Bass and bringing this sound to the crowd with a dangerous back2back set.



The Drum & Bass party series – commonly hosted at the Sabotage Dresden – has the goal to establish the techy and dangerous sound of upcoming and well known international artists.



Do you know that feeling – Sitting at home, bored, starving for some good music? We have a cure!